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Cell Phone Repair in Melbourne

When a mobile phone stops working, it can cause a lot of inconvenience. Not only can you lose access to all your installed apps and data such as photos, but you can also lose your phone contacts. Fortunately, Fonecast is here to save you the frustration and inconvenience of a broken phone with our services for cell phone repair in Melbourne. We pride ourselves on offering express phone repair for most makes and models while also providing the cheapest phone repair prices. Whether you’re looking for iPhone repair in Armadale or an Android phone repair shop in Melbourne, our Prahran store can provide the assistance you need.

Why Choose Us Over Other Phone Repair Stores?

At Fonecast, we set ourselves apart from other phone repair stores by providing fast and affordable repairs. We can also assist with a range of repair services, from screen replacement through to water damaged phone repair, making us an excellent choice when you need Android or iPhone water damage repair. In addition, we’re conveniently located for phone repairs on Chapel Street in the heart of Prahran.

Next time you need iPhone repair in Malvern, iPhone repair in Hawthorn or Android cell phone repair in Melbourne, don’t look past Fonecast. Drop into our store today or call us on 0415 685 878 to learn more.

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